A concert-goer managed to get Drake's attention by doing what no other fan has ever done before. The fan, a young woman, chucked her iPhone on the stage where the rapper was performing. What happened next was pure magic.

Miraculously, the phone landed face up on the stage and recorded a good twenty seconds of the ceiling stage lights, until Drake interrupted his song to pick the phone up off the stage.

He grabs it, turns the camera to face him as he stands in front of a screaming crowd. The video, which was released Tuesday, has been viewed and shared over 250,000 times on social media.

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Another video shared by Drake's fan Twitter feed shows him casually tossing the phone back into the crowd. Drake was so impressed by the bold phone-thrower, he jumped on Instagram to comment on it.

"Bro she dashed it like it was a note," Drake commented on the now-viral video.

According to Drake's jam-packed tour schedule, he was performing in Detroit at the time as part of the "Aubrey And The Three Migos" tour.  In just a few more days, Drake hits the stage in Toronto for a three-night concert marathon at the Scotiabank Arena.




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