Tim Horton's has some tried and true items on their menu, from their classic donuts to their breakfast sandwiches. If you are a regular there like a lot of Canadians are, then you are very familiar with their meny, maybe even bored with what they have to offer. 

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Fortunately, you don't have to be confined to their regular old sandwiches and donuts. Thanks to the creativity and recommendations of various Canadians, we have the Tim Hortons secret menu. These are some of the best secret menu food items you should try immediately. 

1. Cheesy Croissants

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If you want a bit of extra protein or just a little kick on your croissant, ask for the workers to heat up your croissant with a slice of cheese on it. You might get charged extra for the cheese, but it will be worth it to have a melty, cheesy croissant for breakfast. 

2. Hashbrown Breakfast Sandwich

This is the hack for you if you've tried every single breakfast sandwich on Tim's menu. Next time instead of just eating a hash brown on the side of your sandwich, try adding it in instead. Not only does it add a good crunch, but it's also a great vegetarian alternative to a typical sausage or bacon sandwich. 

3. Veggie Grilled Cheese

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We're always looking for more ways to work vegetables into our diets. This hack does just that. Instead of just carb-loading with a typical Tims grilled cheese, next time try asking for them to add veggies like lettuce or tomato before they grill it. The veggies will give it an extra flavour and nutrition kick. 

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4. Veggie Bagels

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While we're in the habit of adding vegetables to things, another great addition is putting veggies on bagels. Canadians especially recommend ordering whatever your preferred bagel is, adding cream-cheese, a tomato slice, and a bit of salt and pepper to take it all to the next level. 

5. Donut BLT

A secret menu wouldn't be complete without a weird item that combines both the savoury and the sweet options. This hack does just that. If you are craving something salty with a bit of sweet in there too, order a BLT bagel, but ask to substitute a chocolate glazed donut instead of the average bagel. It may sound crazy but actually looks amazing. 

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6. Warm Donuts

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After any meal, the best thing is always dessert. In Tim Hortons' case, it may also just be breakfast - either way, your best bet is to ask for a donut toasted or warmed up. Shockingly, this reportedly works best with the sour cream glazed donut. Hopefully, your nearest Tims still has some sour cream glazed donuts left.

7. Saturn Timbit

This final hack is probably the most annoying. It's called the Saturn Timbit because it looks just like the ringed plant when it's done. Like the last hack this involves heating a donut, although in this case, it's a Timbit. Then ask for the Timbit to be cut in half, put whipped cream on it, and voila! You'll have a mini-Saturn Timbit Sandwich. 

One of the best things about these hacks is that some of them are perfect for people who are nervous about secret menus. If you are anxious about asking for something that's not there or you don't want to bother the workers, you can simply order the items normally and hack them yourself. 

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Another great thing about the secret menu is that it's always evolving. This means that if you are still bored of Tims after trying all these great food hacks, you can get creative and make your own. The sky truly is the limit. 

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