"Canada isn't even a real country, it's one in a name only." Such reads the opening sentence to one American's spiteful post about the Great White North. Operating under the handle Ronald_Reagan1911, the poster went on a rant about how Canada "literally would not exist" without the U.S., and how no one "with a brain and any sense of culture" would want to live there.

Via Reddit

The post was featured in r/ShitAmericansSay and it quickly caught the attention of the subreddit's subscribers. Most people took offence to the post and defended Canada (which was expected), but there were a few people who actually agreed with the American's statements:

"Canada relies on America for everything. Like oil for example," said one user.

"Canadian identity has been invented by the British GHQ in 1867. Totally not a real country, would invade 10/10," said another user.

But what exactly is it about Canada that makes these people not take it seriously as a country? Is it the quirky culture? The stereotypes regarding people living in igloos and riding to school on humpback whales? Or is it all just a jealousy thing? Many commenters think it's the latter:

Don't listen to the haters, Canada. You rock.

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