Australian Guy Shows What Happened When He Began Dating A Canadian And It’s Priceless

Of course this would happen.

There are many benefits to dating a Canadian. Stereotypically speaking, Canadians are polite, apologetic and sometimes bilingual - all of which are good traits to have in a partner.

But perhaps the best reason to date a Canadian is not because your partner is Canadian per se, but rather because he or she has - wait for it - a Canadian mother. One Australian guy, who claims to be dating a Canadian, explained this in a Reddit thread (under the alias Mallee_Bull) using a single picture that made everything clear:

Via Reddit

Basically, the post suggests that if you date a Canadian, you’ll likely be showered with Canadian-themed gifts from your partner’s Canadian mother, in attempt to bring out your Canadian pride.

Redditors took to the comments section to explain why such is typically the case, and also to share their sheer delight in the post:

I guess the moral of the story is… You should date a Canadian!

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