Croc’s, the shoes that most people only wear if they're little kids and aren’t old enough to care what’s on your feet, or much older and also don’t care what’s on their feet. 

Either way they’re sort of seen as a major fashion faux pas for most people. 

Spanish fashion icon Balenciaga however sees it differently. For some reason the luxury brand is now selling Crocs that look just... ridiculous, and are daring enough to mark the shoes up to a completely obscene price point. 

Via Balenciaga

As you can see in the photo above this is no normal Croc. 

The Croc in this particular example has been bedazzled with spikes and what appears to be a reflective metallic button. 

And to top it all off it has a large platform, because why not?

According to its website before taxes this Croc will cost you: $1,265 CAD. 

No you didn’t read that wrong, that’s actually the price of this…this… thing.   

Via Balenciaga

This isn’t the design of the shoe that they’ve made either, there are 4 different styles. The cheapest one being $700, but for that you only get the platform, not any of the style on the toe. 

They come in 3 different colours, black, yellow, and pink.  

Via Balenciaga

You can only get the plain shoe in black though. 

The pink and yellow are each a tiny bit cheaper than the black spikey one though, each costing $1,205 before taxes. 

So if you have tons of money to spend on new footwear this summer and REALLY want to stand out this is for you.  

Via Balenciaga

And if you’re broke like the rest of us and not sure why this exists that’s ok too.  

Source: Balenciaga

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