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Blockbuster's Dead Twitter Account Is Blowing Up Right Now And It's All Because Of Netflix

Netflix customers are so fed up that they're tweeting their complaints to Blockbuster.

In a weird twist of fate, Blockbuster's dead Twitter account is blowing up right now and it's all because people really hate Netflix. If you grew up in Canada, you'll remember Blockbuster well. The iconic store offered VHS and DVD movie rentals up until 2013, when a new movie subscription service drove them out of business. 

That service from 5 years ago was Netflix. They ended up driving Blockbuster to close but even before that, it looks like there was some tension between Blockbuster and Netflix. In 2011, on their now inactive Twitter account, Blockbuster tweeted out asking people why they were leaving their Netflix accounts and used the tag #GoodbyeNetflix. They even offered a free one-year subscription for the most creative response. 

Clearly, back then not enough people left Netflix to save Blockbuster but now the tables have turned. With recent price increases and major changes in the available content, Canadians are being driven to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. 

What's more bizarre about it all though is that these people who are cancelling Netflix now are actually responding to that 7-year-old tweet from Blockbuster. Despite the fact that the Blockbuster account hasn't been active since 2014, so many people continue to tweet at them, even in 2019.

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In fact, in the past three days alone, the Blockbuster tweet has gotten over 50 responses from people who are desperate to leave Netflix. 

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The tweet has garnered so much attention lately that several people actually think it was posted recently and that Blockbuster is still up and running or that they have made a comeback. 

Despite all the attention, Blockbuster is in fact closed and the account hasn't been used or monitored since 2014. None the less, these desperate replies to Blockbuster could mean Netflix is in serious trouble. 

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