We're all children at heart, therefore amusement parks will forever be of great interest to us all. The feeling you get from all the rides and activities is indescribable and always yearned for.

 Don't you think it would be exciting to experience the crazy thrill without kids around? Well, now you can, because there's a variety of existing adult only themed parks around the world that have set a restricted age for visitors.

Luckily enough for you, we've put together a wonderful list of unique adult only parks to visit. It's time for you to be astonished and plan a trip to one of these 6 insane adult only amusement parks:

1. Cité du Vin // Bordeaux, France.

Discover a wide selection of international wines at 'City of Wine.' This adults only wine theme park has 20 wine exhibits, that cover the history and culture behind wines all across the world. There are several restaurants, workshops and boutiques to complete your ultimate wine experience. Oh and there's a super rad ride that has a wine merchant navigating a boat!

2. BH Mallorca // Majorca, Spain

This super cool adults only playground features a water park with 9 slides, as well as a lagoon-style outdoor pool. BH Mallorca also has a beach club, at which there are weekly performances by international DJ's and artists.

3. Erotikaland // Piracicaba, Brazil

According to New York Times,  Brazil will have its very own erotic themed park by 2018. No sex will be allowed at this adults only park, instead it will provide an educating experience on sex. The erotic playground will have vibrating seats for their cinema, genitalia-like bumper cars, a nudist pool, a sex shop, erotic games and a "train of love" with a show put on by go-go girls and boys.

4. Dig This // Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm sure at least once, there's been a time you (boys) wanted to hop onto a construction truck. At Dig This, you will take control of real construction equipment and  undergo obstacle courses and activities with bulldozers and excavators. Make your dreams come true boys, by checking out this construction theme park and turning your Bob The Builder skills into reality.

Photo cred - @im_adeline

5. Jeju Loveland //Jeju-do, South Korea.

Jeju Loveland is the world's kinkiest sex theme park. The amount of sexually oriented art and eroticism is unlimited, with approximately 140 pieces of different sex art. The detailed sculptures play on the beauty and importance of sexuality.

6. Haesindang Park // Sinnam, South Korea.

This adults only garden, is also known as the "Penis Park." Yes, the park features over 50 different sculptures dedicated to the beauty of the male shaft. According to a legend, the giant wooden penises to win over the spirit  of a virgin girl. Have you seen a gold penis before? If not, 'head on' over to Haesingdang Park.

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