You can never be too ready for a zombie apocalypse. In Canada, preparedness for the end of the world is something that is taken so seriously that there’s even a camp dedicated to training people in the intricate art of zombie survival.

Zombie Survival Camp is Canada’s top resource for all things zombie-related. Founded around four years ago, a dedicated team of zombie experts travel across the country to train Canadians in wilderness survival, self-defence and self-reliance. Despite how ridiculous it may seem, it’s indeed a real camp with real life value.

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Students sign up for a weekend of exhilarating activities that consist of archery lessons, shelter and fire building, weapons training, foraging workshops, field tactics and “Zomjitsu” training.

The weekend culminates with a signature zombie outbreak simulation, where you’ll be able to put all the skills you’ve learned to the test. Whether you nerd over zombies, or are looking for a unique activity to do with friends or coworkers, the Zombie Survival Camp will definitely not disappoint!

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This year, the camp will travel to Ontario where it will hold a variety of events at different locations:

Mar 24, 2018: PVC Bowmaking (Toronto)

May 4-6, 2018: Adult Camp (Orillia)

Aug 10-12, 2018: Family Camp (Desboro)

Oct 12-14, 2018: Adult Camp (Orillia)

Tickets are $300 plus tax for early bird registration and $250 plus tax for groups. For more information on packaging and pricing, visit Zombie Survival Camp’s official website.

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