Canadian Dad Spends His Snow Day Slicing A Giant Snow Cake In His Backyard With A Samurai Sword

Because why not.

There are two kinds of people in the winter: the kind that complain endlessly about the cold, and the kind that make the absolute most it.

One Canadian dad shows that he is definitely part of the latter group, as he seized the opportunity to celebrate a snow day by playing around in the snow… with a samurai sword.

After a snow storm had hit his home in Toronto, he noticed a pile of snow that looked like a giant “cake” had formed on his backyard patio table. He then proceeded to decorate the “cake” with a candle and whipped out his samurai sword to get himself a slice.

Zuleika, the daughter of our sword-wielding hero, posted the video of her dad on Twitter, where it went viral. 

It garnered over 246K likes and 124K retweets, and even made it to Reddit’s funny page. Here are some of the best comments from the thread:

I guess that’s one way to celebrate winter!

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