It was only a few weeks ago that Canadian Instagrammer Cath Bastien opened up to the world about her decision to remove her breast implants. If you know Bastien, you know that she's a very well known Instagram influencer and she's super fit. 

Bastien's curvy figure is always at the centre of conversation but recently she's changed the topic. Instead of focusing on her fitness, she's been talking about how her breast implants have affected her physical health. 

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Bastien recently revealed in one of her YouTube videos, that she's been suffering from Breast Implant Illness. She was sick and experiencing brain fogs, memory loss, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, ringing in the ear, numbness and more. 

Now, Bastien went through with the breast implant removal surgery and she's revealed all the details about how it went.

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Bastien posted this photo onto Instagram after her surgery with the caption, "I'm alive and well, thanks for all your payers". It looks like the surgery went well! A few days after the surgery, Bastien's boyfriend, Marc Fitt posted an eight-minute video, showing the aftermath of the surgery.

In the video, he takes care of his girlfriend who's dealing with recovery, but don't worry she's all smiles!

Now, she's posted a new video that recounts the days before, during and after the surgery. 

Here's what we learned. 

She was a "roller coaster of emotions" the week before the operation. She had to take a pregnancy test before the operation. Bastien's mom went with her when she went under the knife. 

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The lengthy procedure took 2.5 hours and Bastien had to spend 2 hours in recovery afterward. She was able to return home that afternoon but she had to be very careful with her posture.

Cath said her complexion turned yellow like a corpse. Thankfully, her skin became much better the day after surgery.

She also said that her boyfriend almost fainted when he saw how much blood was drained out of her from the surgery. Bastien couldn't shower for five days after the surgery but on the bright side, her brain was way clearer the next morning!

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She also stated that pain relievers helped her a lot during recovery. On the fourth day after surgery, she experienced pain during the night that felt like "electric shocks". 

Here's the video of Bastien talking about the days before, during and after the surgery.

Source: Narcity via Laurie Bergeron

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