Canadian Man Has Evidence To Suggest That House Hippos Are Real And We're All For It

Never stop believing.

Canadians across the country are still obsessed with owning house hippos, despite the fact that they are purely fictional creatures.

Featured in a late 90’s national PSA, the North American House Hippo was designed for the purposes of educating viewers about critical thinking with regard to what they see in broadcast media. The commercial was so good that several Canadians admitted to have believed house hippos were real when they were kids, hoping that they’d catch one sneaking into their pantries or nesting in their closets.

Even today, some Canadians refuse to believe that they don’t exist. One Redditor even presented a theory that house hippos are indeed real, but they are just being disguised as hairless guinea pigs.

You can kind of see where he was going with this when you consider what hairless guinea pigs look like:

Via reddit

Canadians were quick to show their enthusiasm for the Redditor’s theory, leaving nostalgic comments and making hilarious remarks about the famed house hippo. Others began raising awareness about hairless guinea pigs and showcasing just how awesome they are to have as pets.

Here are some of the best comments from the thread:

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