Should the happiest place on Earth find a new home in Canada? One Canadian man thinks so, and he's laid out all of details required to make it happen.

Mike Bastoli is a writer for The Disney Blog who, after careful consideration, named Toronto as the next place where Disney should build its next theme park. Initially, he was going to select New Jersey or Upstate New York, but he eventually came to the conclusion that Toronto would be the better pick, as its location outside of the U.S. would lend greater advantages.

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Currently, there are only two locations in North America that are home to a Disney theme park - Los Angeles and Orlando, which are both in the United States. Bastoli believes a Disney theme park in Toronto would allow the corporation to tap into a promising market of eight million Canadians that live within driving distance of the city.

Since Toronto is surrounded by large municipalities consisting of hundreds of thousands of residents each, the theme park would thrive as a tourist attraction. Even more, about 108 million Americans (which accounts for about 35 per cent of the U.S. population) live within 9 hours of Toronto, so the theme park would also benefit from a substantial number of visitors from south of the Canadian border.

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But what about Toronto's space issue? Bastoli has a solution for that too. He believes that Disney should buy Canada's Wonderland from Ohio-based owner Cedar Fair Entertainment and completely repurpose the area. Its 25-minute vicinity to Toronto Pearson International Airport and its 379-acre lot (which is about the size of Hong Kong's Disneyland) makes it an ideal spot to set up a theme park.

Although Canada's Wonderland only operates from May to October, Bastoli thinks Disney could still profit from the winter months, so long as there are enough indoor attractions and hotels available near the theme park. He even suggests they go with a Frozen theme, to incorporate the winter elements so closely associated with Canada.

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Of course,  Bastoli understands that a building a theme park would not be a cheap endeavour and that it would require support from all levels of government. He's also aware that problems regarding traffic and crowds would arise, but he believes these are all workable issues that have many possible solutions.

Would you want a Disney theme park to be built in Toronto? Read Mike Bartoli's full feature here.

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