Rogers is regularly criticized by Canadians all over the country for the underwhelming quality of its customer service. A slew of high-profile controversies and brutal customer complaints has made it one of the most polarizing wireless providers in the country, and it looks like that reputation continues to persist today.

A recent Reddit post has Rogers on blast as it demonstrated the company's poor handling of a customer's request. The poster, who goes by the username ma_rk, summed up his customer service experience with a single screenshot that had Rogers customers everywhere sighing:

"Always great service from Rogers!" reads the Reddit post's sarcastic headline. From painfully long wait times to repeatedly dropped calls, the post is yet another example of how Rogers customer service continues to frustrate its 10.5 million subscribers.

Many people joined in on the conversation to offer their own experiences being Rogers customers and, as you might expect, most of them had nothing good to say:

Many commenters suggested switching to a reseller instead of staying with Rogers or any of the Big Three telecoms. Companies like Teksavvy and Start received great reviews when it came to customer service and monthly rates offered.

What do you think of Rogers customer service? Would you consider switching to a reseller?

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