As many can attest, finding a degree-based job after college and university isn't exactly the easiest of tasks. While undergrads might be lacking in experience, they're definitely not lacking in education. And, according to a survey by Brainstorm Strategy Group in Toronto, they're not lacking in big dreams either.

Each year, the group asks students to consider what their dream job would be after graduation. This year, some big companies made the list. Although, it was an unexpected employer that came in at number one.

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If you can believe it, the number one job ranked among those in all undergrad programs was the Government of Canada. Google was a very close second.

For those in art programs, the Provincial government came in second followed by the United Nations and Health Canada. 

Computer science undergrads ranked Google at the top of their dream job list. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook followed. The Government of Canada came in at number 7. 

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Those in business also ranked Google number one followed by Amazon, Apple and Government of Canada.

Google was at the top for engineering students as well. Tesla, Apple and the Government of Canada ranked just below.

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Also on the list were Health Canada,the United Nations, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Hospital for Sick Children and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Those in engineering programs also listed the Canada Space Agency and Bombardier as places of interest.

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My personal favourite company on the ranking was The Walt Disney Company which undergrads in arts and business said they'd be interested in. I mean, is that not a dream come true?

There's no doubt landing a position with one of these company's straight after grad will take some seriously hard work. But, Canada's ambitious students are definitely on the right track.

Source: Macleans

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