Canadians Brutally Roast All Of Canada’s Provinces And Territories One By One

The tea has been spilt.

Canadians have a reputation for being nice, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to get naughty every now and then. A single look at any thread in the Canada subreddit is all it takes to see that Canadians can be seriously sinister if they wanted to be.

In a 13-page thread series, Canadians participated in a glorious roast of every province and territory in the country. The “Roast series” was a way for people across the country to build a better appreciation for Canada through imaginative and (usually) tasteful humour.

How bad did your home province or territory get made fun of? Click below to read the best of the Roast series of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories:

British Columbia

New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island




The Territories


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For the Canada Roast of British Columbia, click Next.

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