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Canadians Are In A Heated Debate On Whether It's Called A Cottage, Cabin, or Chalet

The lakeside summer homes have different names across the country.

Everyone loves spending a relaxing weekend down by the lake, enjoying the sunshine and a break from the busy city away at a cottage. Or is it a cabin? A chalet? 

Turns out Canadians can't agree on what that lakeside summer home is called and it has at least 5 different names depending what part of the country you are in. 

Canadian terms for that summer building by the lake. from r/canada

According to a map posted on Reddit, it is the most regionally varied term in Canada. In the West, they call it a Cabin. In Northern Ontario, it is called Camp, but in Southern Ontario and parts of the East Coast, it's a cottage. In Quebec, it is Chalet. And finally and most interestingly, in parts of Nova Scotia, it is a bungalow. 

The map is colour coded as well, with some lighter shades showing less frequency in the use of a certain term in a region. 

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Of all the terms cottage and cabin take the lead for most users. While Cottage doesn't look like it has a lot of area on the map, it's important to note that Southern Ontario is one of the most populated areas in the Country and that's why it is used so much more. 

Chalet, on the other hand, is used to refer to a cottage only in Quebec, which makes sense since the word is originated from the French word chasel, which comes from the Latin word for cottage. 

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Whether it's a cottage, camp, or bungalow, Canadians everywhere are flocking to them this summer and it's the perfect weather to go enjoy your lakeside summer living. 

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