Canadians Offer Their Expertise To Americans On How To Survive The Winter And It's Hilarious

If there’s one thing we’re experts at, its dealing with the cold.

When it comes to surviving wrath of winter, Canadians have all the answers. At least, that’s what one American was counting on when he went online to ask for advice on how to endure the cold.

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The Philadelphia native started a thread in the Edmonton Reddit page titled “How do you guys live in frigid conditions” and explained his plight:

“I live in Philadelphia and I noticed that you guys are always around -1 or less in Fahrenheit. It’s 21 [degrees] in Philly today and we hate it. How the heck do you guys survive out there?”

Edmontonians were quick to respond - some with witty remarks and others with actually useful ones. Here are some of the best comments on the thread:

This year, Edmonton was actually spared from a brutal cold start to 2018, with highs of -3 on the January 1. That might sound cold, but compared to the -30 wind chills that eastern Canada has been plagued with during the past few weeks, Edmonton has it pretty good so far.

Still, it doesn’t matter whether they’re from the east or west - all Canadians have some experience dealing with the cold, so the American is definitely in good hands!

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