No matter where you're from, chances are there is at least one stereotype about it. For example, if you're from the United States people might assume that you love football or McDonald's. Some stereotypes are funny and some are actually offensive but either way, often stereotypes aren't true. That's the case with a number of Canadians online who are revealing all the Canadian stereotypes that are actually a lie. 

When it comes to Canadian stereotypes some of the most common ones also happen to be the most annoying. For example, people might assume that it's perpetually winter here. Another common stereotype is that we all say "aboot" instead of "about."Of course, there's also the belief that we all live in igloos with our pet polar bears. 

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None of those things are actually true and most Canadians have come to accept them just as inevitable jokes that we are gonna have to face in our lives, but there are some stereotypes that even some Canadians like to think apply to everyone. Whether it's about our national sport of hockey or our appreciation for maple syrup. 

None the less, even those stereotypes aren't actually true and don't apply to all Canadians. Thanks to Canadians online, here are some other Canadian stereotypes that are actually lies. 

The challenge was started by a Canadian Twitter user by the name @leeleebb21. She kicked it off by revealing that she doesn't actually like maple flavoured things despite being a Canadian. 

One big shocker that's emerged is that not all Canadian love hockey or even care about at all. 

While others have pointed out that they don't like Tim Hortons even though it's essentially Canada's official coffee. 

Then another Canadian revealed that not everyone likes poutine, which seems almost sacrilege. 

Don't expect an apology from those people though, another Canadian revealed that we aren't all sorry all the time. 

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It may be disheartening to learn that some of these things we thought we shared with our fellow canucks are actually a lie but that's doesn't mean you can't enjoy them so get cozy in your igloo, grab some Tim Hortons and a nice poutine and kick back to watch the hockey game. 

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