Canadians Present The Case For 4-Day Work Weeks And 3-Day Weekends

This is the dream.

Over the course of 2017, Canadians across the country have been taking to online forums like Reddit to show their support for 4-day work weeks. Such arrangement would add an extra day to their weekends, which, in theory, would help to “alleviate the pangs of labour and improve the wellbeing of dedicated employees.

In the past, people were so passionate about this cause that they even created petitions to submit to the government for consideration. One of them even managed to receive the support of almost 50,000 people, proving just how much people desire a better work-life balance.

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Even psychologists believe 4-day work weeks would be beneficial. There are studies suggesting that the average worker is only able to commit up to five hours of concentrated work before his or her peak performance begins to decline. Other studies found evidence of improved happiness and health in individuals who spent less time working and more time focusing on the things that mattered to them - their families, relationships and hobbies.

But what do Canadians themselves have to say about the concept? Here’s what a bunch of them had to say on Reddit:

What’s your take on a 4-day work week?

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