Correctional Service Canada Now Has A Virtual Tour Of Prison And It Looks A Lot Like A University Dorm Room

... but one of those things are free.

If you've ever wondered what the inside of a Federal Canadian prison looks like (and how it compares to the ones on Orange Is The New Black) well you finally have the chance to find out - without having to serve hard time.

The government's Correctional Service web page now offers up a little option called Beyond the Fence: A Virtual Tour of a Canadian Penitentiary. The virtual tour is exactly what it sounds like and uses a 360 panoramic view of a federal prison along with informational popups and narration to better explain what the inside of a correctional facility looks like. 

When you first enter the simulation you're given a screen preview with some information on what you'll be viewing as well as the option to select your language of preference. 

Via Correctional Service Canada

Then when you actually enter the simulation you're given a map of the 'grounds' and can jump from room to room in the prison. Which include minimum, medium and maximum security cells, the chapel, program rooms, the health care centre, and more. 

Via Correctional Services Canada

While the whole thing in general is cool and really informative, there was one thing we couldn't help but notice - that the inmates room (minus the barred windows and locked doors) look a lot like a standard university dorm room. 

As someone who spent thousands of dollars on on campus housing it was odd to see the same beds and living room furniture in the rooms of felons who are not spending the same amount on living arrangements. 

By no means am I saying that Canadian inmates are living in luxury but rather that students who are shelling out thousands for rooms on campus are pretty much getting the same quality of housing as a federal prison cell. 

If you don't believe me, check out the maximum and minimum security living arrangements and compare it to your dorm style living (for those who lived in student housing). 

Maximum Security Bedrooms

Via Correctional Service Canada

Via Correctional Services Canada

Minimum Security Common Area: 

Via Correctional Service Canada

Via Correctional Service Canada

Minimum Security Bedroom: 

Via Correctional Services CanadaVia Correctional Services Canada

Via Correctional Services Canada

Now come on student living, step your game up. 

Source: Correctional Service Canada

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