Going to the movies doesn't have to be an expensive affair. With the right strategy, you could land yourself discounted tickets and concessions every time you go to the theatre.

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In Canada, most people look to Cineplex for their movie-going needs. The theatre chain has 164 theatres across the country and offer various brands, serving as many as 77 million people each year.

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However, since the rise of digital streaming, Cineplex has experienced a sharp decline in attendance, causing the company to consider raising prices on tickets or concession items in order to offset the losses. This leaves die-hard movie-goers at a crossroads — is it still worth going out for movies, or is it just becoming too expensive?

Well, there are still ways to keep your theatre watching traditions alive without having to dish out extra cash. We've all heard of Discount Tuesdays and SCENE Points at Cineplex, but here's a tip you may not have considered before:

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Cineplex has partnered with various companies and retailers to sell bulk movie passes, which will always land you a better deal on tickets and concessions.

You can get them at warehouses like Costco, online on trade websites like eBay, or even at your university's student life centre, if you're lucky. Some employers also offer them as part of an employee discount program, through services like Perkopolis. Of these sources, two of them offer the best discounts for movies:


You can choose from either the Cineplex Great Escape Movie Package, which includes two adult tickets, two regular soft drinks and one regular popcorn for $24.99, or the Cineplex Child Adventure Movie Package, which includes on child ticket, one small soft drink, one popcorn tray and one small treat for $10.79. Keep in mind that regular tickets cost around $12 after tax, and some concession combos cost over $20.

Non-members can also purchase these packages online at costco.ca, however, they are priced slightly higher and tend to sell out quickly. Still, there are workarounds to shop at Costco without being a member. Click here for more information.


CAA members can avail of an 18% discount on single tickets when they are pre-purchased at a local CAA store. While this discount isn't as big as Costco's, it still saves you a bit of money. Tickets for regular screenings come out to around $9 or $10 each.

Try these money-saving methods the next time you go to the movies!

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