The first thing I had to do was get some matches, so I literally swiped right on everyone- leave no stone unturned right? To be completely honest though I had no idea where to start these conversations. Luckily my younger brother helped me channel my "inner fuckboy" because according to him there's a fuckboy in everyone.

I was aiming to be the first to respond to everyone like a true fuckboy but Nek beat me to it. With this being the first convo, I went with my brother's advice to just take a verbatim fuckboy phrase and use it.

Clearly, I didn't even think to realize that I'm pretty sure the last thing a guy would want to be told is that his boobs seem like a nice pillow and quite accidentally, I came off as an absolute tool, or fuckboy if you will. So technically this was a success.. I think? 

*Disclaimer, that first message is in reference to the bio that I made on my profile, "my grandparents met on here" to let people know i'm #funny and #easygoing

Step #1 in the fuckboy code of conduct seems to be sending creepy emojis that are practically impossible to respond to. So of course thats the second thing I did. 

Honestly I feel like Giuseppe and I are the same type of person, seeing as he completely ignored my terrible/creepy pick up line.

Sticking with the "dat ass" comment hoping to find someone who would actually respond, I moved onto the next 'victim.' 

This was a line that a lot of guys straight up didn't understand, when I saw it on a reddit thread it took me a minute to realize it wasn't actually someone trying to expose a fake account but a terrible pickup line. So of course I tried it on like 15 guys until it worked. 

I'll give credit where credit is due, I was clearly interacting with a veteran fuckboy seeing as he responded to the line in like 20 seconds, I wouldn't doubt he's used it himself with other people. Though there is something about that smirking emoji when it isn't being used sarcastically that gives me the serious creeps. 

This "pick up line" if we want to stretch and call it that, was one I made sure to use within the week because I had seen it so much on reddit and was so confused. Why in the world would a guy think that a one liner like "why should I want to get to know you?" would get a girls attention in a good way?

While I was expecting to get a response similar to how I would respond if a guy sent me something like that (along the lines of "you shouldn't" then continuing to live my life fuckboy free) instead Willie didn't even bat an eye?! Side note though, if anyone is looking for a great hearted guy who's always outside, hit my boy Willie up. 

Finally, I wanted to end my week as a fuck boy with a light hearted one liner asking my match Vek what his dick's theme song would be because apparently guys actually ask girls these questions. 

Ah, a classic. Now whenever "Love Gun" comes on I can be reminded of my good friend Vek and this week's tinder festivities. 

Final thoughts on my week as a fuckboy? While I definitely got a completely different set of responses than I expected, it was a lot harder being a douchebag than I thought. I ended up telling everyone I had messaged on the app about the ~social experiment~ if you will because I was seriously concerned I was going to see them in public and just could not face that possibility without disclaiming my douchebaggery. I really don't know how the fuckboys of today do it.

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