The holidays have arrived at Tim Hortons! The coffee chain has released their holiday menu and Canadians have been stoked to try it. This year, there are three different Christmas-themed hot chocolates: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate, and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. 

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Do the drinks live up to the hype though? That's what we investigated to find out. I tried all of Tim Horton's 2018 holiday drinks so that you don't have to. I'm a huge hot chocolate fan and a lover of all things related to Christmas, so I definitely had to check out these drinks. Find out which drinks are worth a try and which ones you should skip so you can save your money. Bonus: we also tried one of their holiday desserts, so read on to see if they are as good as they sound.  


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Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate

This white hot chocolate definitely takes the top spot for the sweetest of all three drinks so if you really enjoy super sweet drinks, this may be your favourite one. The Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate is rich and sweet like you would expect, but unless you a very very sweet tooth you probably won't be able to finish the whole drink. To be honest, it was so sweet that I couldn't drink half of a small cup so that tells you a lot about the drink. 

In terms of its aesthetic, the drink is not the most appealing. Timmies advertises that this drink comes with whipped topping and candy cane bits, but by the time we got to our office, it had completely melted. The drink itself looks like watered down milk. Fortunately, when you try the hot chocolate, you'll find that it does have a strong candy cane flavour and does not taste watered down at all, The Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate does have a strong peppermint scent that smells just like Christmas. The taste is not bland at all, which is a big plus, but overall it's way too decadent to drink regularly.

Overall, this super sweet treat is an extremely decadent, super filling and creamy and probably not the best go-to drink during the holidays. While it may be tasty for a sip or two, drinking an entire cup would not be pleasant. 

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Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

The Candy Cane Hot Chocolate has a nice flavour that won't give you an overly sweet overdose like its white chocolate equivalent. The peppermint flavour is more subtle than other peppermint flavoured hot chocolates out there, but it compliments the taste well. Like the previous hot chocolate, the whipped topping  and candy cane bits were absent but you could definitely smell and taste the candy cane aroma. 

In terms of sweetness, it's a nice balance – not as bitter as a dark chocolate but not as sweet as a white chocolate. The chocolate flavour is rich and thankfully does not taste watered down. The peppermint smell is a nice reminder that Christmas is coming! This drink is one we would definitely order again. 

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Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

If I could describe this in one word, it would be... bland. This hot chocolate is nothing to write home about and I'd say it's not even worth the $2 price tag. For what's supposed to be a "holiday drink", there's pretty much nothing festive about it.

Advertised with tiny adorable marshmallows, we were disappointed to find out that ours had completely melted into the drink. In addition, we couldn't taste any marshmallow flavour either. Even though Tim Hortons reportedly uses their Hershey's Hot Chocolate mix for this holiday drink, there was nothing decadent about it. It seemed watery and flavourless compared to their other Christmas drinks.  

The Winner Is.... 

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There's a pretty clear winner out of all three holiday drinks. If you couldn't tell already, our pick is the regular Candy Cane Hot Chocolate. We're quite impressed with it and would return to Timmies to get it again. It has the best taste out of all three and does not leave you with an overly sweet aftertaste like its white chocolate counterpart. 

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Bonus: Candy Cane Donut

The Tim Hortons holiday treat, unfortunately, does not taste as good as it looks. The chocolate donut is pretty mediocre and tasteless, and the icing to donut ratio is not great. The candy cane bits don't add much to the flavour either. We'd recommend sticking to their infamous icing filled sugar cookies that were a big hit for the holidays last year. 

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