Canadians have a love/hate relationship with Tim Hortons. While many people say the company's quality has gone way down since Tims changed ownership, others remain loyal to the Canadian coffee chain. With that in mind, I was curious and also a bit skeptical when Tim Horton's launched three new treats just for the holidays. 

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The only way to truly find out how something tastes is to try it out for yourself so that's exactly what I did. I tried all three new holiday menu baked goods at Tim Hortons in Canada and these are my honest opinions. 

Filled Sugar Cookie

Tim Hortons, much to my surprise came out of the gate strong with their holiday treats. The first one I tried was the Filled Sugar Cookie and I will honestly say it was the best. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the size of the cookie but also the textures and taste as well. 

To just throw it out there, they taste like some of the best sugar cookies I've ever tried. There's not much to a classic sugar cookie flavour but this cookie brings a really unique texture. The edges are nice and crispy, but the centre is still soft. The sprinkles on top are not only cute but also gave a nice crunch. Oh, and then there's the filling. 

The filling is hard to see when you first bite into it, but when you start chewing you can actually taste it. It gives it a perfectly smooth, almost half-baked vibe that I happen to love in a cookie. It was kinda hard to distinguish the flavour other than sugary, but it was delicious anyway. Most shockingly, the cookie wasn't messy at all. 

Christmas Tree Donut

This was the one treat I had the lowest expectations for. While I was pleasantly surprised by some things about the Christmas Tree Donut, there were still some things I was disappointed by. Let's start with the positive though.  

This donut is super cute. The Christmas tree shape was perfect and the sprinkles actually looked like cute little Christmas lights, which I assume was the goal. Shout out to the workers at my local Tim's who also put it in the bag the right way so the icing wasn't ruined or stuck to the side. 

The presentation is only half the battle though. The Christmas Tree Donut is advertised as a filled donut so I was really disappointed when I had made it through the first two-thirds of the donut without finding any filling. As it turns out the filling, which is a very sweet custard, was only in the bottom part. This not only made the rest of the donut kind of bland but also made the concentration of filling at the bottom sickeningly sweet. 

All in all, until the filling part, the donut tasted just like a regular sprinkle donut. I loved that taste but given the $1.60 premium donut price tag on this treat, I would expect it to be more next level. So really, the Christmas Tree Donut was better than expected, but still not totally amazing. 

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Raspberry Vanilla Roll

This is the final and most unique Tims holiday item I tried. Unlike the others, I actually had no expectations going into this treat because Tims hasn't really had anything like this before. The Raspberry Vanilla Jelly Roll is essentially like one of those Swiss cake rolls, both in look and taste. 

The look of the roll is cute and has a slight elegance that you don't really get from Tims very often. It's also a good size, not too big or too small. While this treat gets points for being unique and unlike anything I've seen at Tim Horton's before, the taste isn't overly amazing. 

To be fair, there is nothing overly wrong with the taste. It is a simple plain cake, some sort of vanilla icing, and raspberry jelly so nothing special. It definitely tastes like real raspberry jam though, so that's a win. Where I have to discredit Tims is that the cake itself was super dry. Overall though, it's not a bad dessert and I'm impressed that Tims has something different than donuts or cookies. 

It wasn't a competition per se, but if one of Tim Horton's new holiday treats had to be the winner it is undoubtedly the Filled Sugar Cookie. I went into this taste test with low expectations but this delicious cookie really proved me wrong. 

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There is one key holiday menu item missing from this test though and that's the Candy Cane Donut. Despite being launched at some locations in Canada, much to my disappointment the Candy Cane Donut wasn't on the menu for my local Tims, so I'm going to stick with those yummy sugar cookies. 

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