Lost all faith in humanity and need an escape? Well, Canada might just have what you’re looking for - a secluded island where there are very few people and a lot of dogs.

Lasqueti Island is a little sanctuary in Vancouver Bay that is perfect for off-the-grid living. It stretches 19-km long and has no paved roads or public transportation. Only about 400 people live there, and they all carry out self-sustained lifestyles as fishermen, loggers, tree planters, artists, musicians, authors and farmers. They get their food directly from the resources on the island, and rely on solar panels, wind turbines and water mills for electricity.

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“Lasqueti is not some utopian paradise, it is not an "intentional community", and it is probably not whatever you think it is,” reads its official website. “It is just a relatively remote island, populated by a small, tight-knit community of quirky, independent-minded people, with its own unique culture and identity.”

One of the most notable features of the island is its abundance of Saint Bernards. Bred and handled by Tikki Smith, the dogs roam freely through the area off-leash. They’ve even won several awards at dog shows and have their own official Facebook page.

Just recently, the resident Saint Bernards gave birth to a new litter of adorable puppies, which means the island will home to even more dogs. Individuals interested in adopting one can contact Tikki on Facebook.

Though the Saint Bernards live on a private property that is not an intended tourist destination, the family occasionally accepts visitors by appointment. Though, if you moved to Lasqueti island and were at the right place at the right time, you might run into them on their daily walks through the island’s forests.

Read more about Lasqueti Island here.

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