Jeans are absolutely amazing right? They're basically the go to thing to wear on your legs when you have to leave the house and can't get away with wearing pyjamas or sweatpants because that’s not ‘socially acceptable,’ whatever that means.

The only real issue is that they fade over time in the wash. Now of course that’s not specific to jeans, it happens to your shirts too but you probably have way more shirts than pairs of jeans so they see the washing machine a lot more in their lifetime.  

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Well apparently there’s a way around having your jeans looking faded that cleans them as well. And it involves your freezer. Yes your freezer.

Not water, not soap or anything that you would normally associate with cleaning.  

That’s right, if you want your jeans to look good for a long time and be clean as well you should stick them in your freezer apparently.   

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The cold in your freezer will kill any germs on your jeans without causing them to fade.

Apparently the CEO of Levis Jeans, Chip Bergh, does this. 

And he isn’t the only one.   

How often do you need to do this you ask? Apparently only a once a month!

So instead of washing your jeans multiple times a month you could save a whole bunch of time doing your laundry if you just throw them in the freezer for about an hour once a month.  

So there you have it. You can save both your jeans - and your time - by skipping the washing machine and just moving the frozen peas aside to fit your jeans in the freezer. 

Source: CNN

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