Get ready, because today is the first day of Mercury retrograde and things are about to get thrown out of whack. March will not be your month and it's all thanks to Mercury retrograde. Today, March 5, marks the start of 2019's first Mercury retrograde and unfortunately, it is definitely not the start of something beautiful. 

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Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing all kinds of "misfortune" into our lives, Daily Express reports. So when exactly does it happen? Mercury retrograde happens when the planet Mercury orbits the opposite way from Earth. This year, the first Mercury retrograde of 2019 will be from March 5 to March 28. 

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What happens to our lives during Mercury retrograde? Usually, it brings more unwanted drama and messes up communication in our lives. This season, it is retrograding in Pisces' season, which means that on top of the drama and miscommunication Mercury retrograde already stirs up. This season will be more emotional and tear-filled than usual since Pisces is an emotional sign known for frequent cry sessions, according to Cosmopolitan

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Emotional struggles will be a major issue during this Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Due to the sensitive nature of Pisces, this season you'll be much more overwhelmed by the little things than usual, Cosmopolitan reports. You will have to deal with anxiety and figure out how to accurately express your emotions this March with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. 

Miscommunication is pretty much guaranteed by the Mercury retrograde. So try to avoid signing any major contracts and always double check whenever you send any form of communication, such as a text message or a comment on social media, according to InStyle Magazine

Mercury retrograde is expected to hit your love life the hardest, InStyle Magazine reports. So take time to slowly express your thoughts and feelings in the clearest way possible this month, and don't rush through any serious conversations with your partner. 

So what should you do to make it through this Mercury retrograde alive and well? As messy as this season can be, you will survive. We're here to share with you several tips to make the best out of this dramatic season.  

Take time to slow things down this month, whether it's through meditation or yoga. Don't rush through anything, because this could lead to miscommunication and in turn, make things really messy in your life. 

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Another thing that helps is knowing that challenges are an inevitable thing we encounter in life and to give yourself a break and not be hard on yourself when they do arise. Be prepared that miscommunication and drama do happen in our lives, and sometimes we can't control it. 

"One of the things we can do in a retrograde is have a reminder that communication is, in fact, compromised, so when it occurs it's not a surprise," Dr. Michael Lennox, who is an astrologer and author, told Refinery29. "That way, there's already a built-in response mechanism that says, I will let this unfold in layers, as opposed to demanding clarity now."

Although Mercury retrograde and everything that it brings with it is not exactly something we want in our lives, remember that you're still in control of what you do and how you react. Don't let this season get in the way of going after what you want! 

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