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New Data Reveals Which Major Canadian Cities Have The Most Marijuana Users And Surprise, It's Not Vancouver

Statistics Canada has released a new report on pot usage in several Canadian cities.

A new study from Statistics Canada has revealed and compared the pot usage in several major cities across Canada. The data showed exactly how much marijuana was getting consumed per person and per week in five different metropolis cities from coast to coast: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. 

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The results were pretty unexpected considering Vancouver actually came in dead last out of the five major cities, but not only that, the data revealed that there was four times as much pot usage in Halifax than Vancouver.

The study was first launched in March 2018, and the results were announced today, according to CTV NewsStatistics Canada conducted their research by using a new technology called wastewater-based epidemiology to analyze wastewater. For their pot consumption data, they looked at wastewater from treatment plants in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver to determine how much marijuana locals were consuming.

Halifax came in first place on the list with 1,310 micrograms of weed consumed per person per week, and Montreal took second place with 976, according to CTV NewsToronto was third with 451 micrograms, followed by Edmonton at 416. Coming in very last was Vancouver at 288. 

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Vancouver didn't just come dead last though in the list – the pot consumption per person in the city was noticeably lower than the other cities. Vancouver's 288 micrograms per person per week makes it more than four times lower than Halifax and three times lower than Montreal. 

This is quite unexpected because Vancouver was famously known as the weed capital of Canada, to both Canadians and non-Canadians. There has been a long history of pot use in the city and Vancouver is even home to insane 420 parties. BC Bud is also an iconic name and the weed in the province is believed by many to be some of the absolute best. 

Although the data from Statistics Canada only represented five cities in Canada, the locations examined represent close to 8.4 million Canadians, according to CTV News. This is around a quarter of Canada's total population. Statistics Canada has said that they will continue this study through spring 2019. 

The findings of this study are consistent with another study from Statistics Canada that also showed Nova Scotia, which is home to Halifax, as the province with the most pot smokers in the country

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