The prevailing stereotype that all Canadians are polite may, in some cases, even apply to the country's robbers and bandits.

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An Edmonton man who was “mugged” took to Facebook to recount the strangely civil run-in he had with two robbers one random night:

“Just got robbed by a guy with a gun and a girl with knife at 113 St, 78 Ave which is near to the University hospital. Fortunately, they just took my $15 in cash in my wallet. Firstly, they wanted my jacket, but when they found it’s not a big brand such as Canada Goose, they let me put it back on. We even said ‘have a good night’ to each other when they were leaving. The guys is around 185 cm wearing a black Canada goose hat. The girl is short curl hair around 165 cm to 175 cm. Just be aware, and go home earlier.”

Usually, people are left in a state of shock and fear after being robbed, but not this Edmonton man. He seemed to be relatively at ease the entire time he was being robbed; so much so that he even told them to ‘have a good night’  as they were leaving with his money.

The culprits weren’t typical robbers, either. Though they held the Edmonton man at gun and knife point, they asked politely for the things they wanted to rob off him. They were even nice enough to let him keep his jacket. Clearly, this was no ordinary mugging. This was a Canadian mugging.

Several Canadians on Reddit said they could confirm that a friendly altercation like this could only happen in Canada. Check out some of these hilarious reactions:

Still not certain what a Canadian mugging is? Maybe this will help:

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