Law enforcement isn't easy. Every day police officers are faced with some of the toughest situations the world has to offer. Amid everything they deal with, they also know how to have a lot of fun too. On Twitter, Ontario police officers actually have the most savage tweets ever and they are hilarious. 

Twitter has completely changed policing, letting officers provide all sorts of information whether its real-time public safety updates, traffic alerts or just warnings about different laws. While some police officers and forces just use the platform for basic updates, a lot of Ontario's officers aren't afraid to have a little fun. 

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They are especially having a lot of fun when it comes to warning Ontarians about various driving laws. In fact, some Ontario police officers are downright savage when it comes to their tweets, whether it's about drunk driving, crazy high speeding tickets, distracted driving or the weather conditions. 

Among the most savage police officers on Twitter is the Ontario Provincial Police's Sgt. Kerry Schmidt. He's the officer behind the OPP's official Twitter account and is known for regularly updating traffic conditions on the province's highways and live vlogging from different crashes. What he should be known for is his hilariously savage tweets. 

Schmidt likes to use tweets like this to encourage other people to drive safer and he's not the only one using this tactic. 

Another police officer out of Ottawa who goes by @TheBeardedCop on Twitter also has been known to crack a joke about distracted driving too. The savagery isn't only for individual officers either, entire forces are getting in on the action too. 

The York Regional Police are especially known for their hilarious and timely Twitter warnings. 

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In today's world of social media, clearly, even the police have figured out the savage tweets and memes are the best ways to get their message across to millennials. 

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