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PEI Has Been Hiding The Best Ice-Cream In Canada And The Flavours Are Out Of This World

Maybe it's time for a trip to the Island?

It's no surprise that in the summertime, Canadians love their ice-cream. Considering the scorching heat that's been moving across the country this week a cold treat can really do wonders when you're too hot. 

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After Nova Scotia revealed that they had a secret flavour, it's now been discovered that PEI is the home of the best ice-cream in Canada and no one even knew! Cows Ice-Cream is a company that started at the Cavendish Boardwalk in PEI back in 1983 and with over 40 flavours available the ice-cream speaks for itself. 

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Each scoop of ice-cream contains butterfat, eggs, and cream. The company believes that the key to delicious ice-cream is making it the old-fashioned way. Lucky for us, that means every scoop is served in a waffle cone that was made in-house. 

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They serve the typical favourite flavours like chocolate, cookie dough, or PEI strawberry, but they also expand into chunky chocolate mint, royal cownadian mint,  and sea salted toffee. Some of their gourmet flavours look divine and are perfect if you want a twist on a modern classic. 

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What really counts though is their unique blends you can only find at COWS. Flavours like the Messie Bessie, which is chocolate ice-cream mixed with moo crunch, Oreo cookie, and English toffee. Another fan favourite is the Gooey Mooey, which is made with burnt sugar ice cream (made when vanilla and  English toffee get mixed together), English toffee marble, caramel cups, and chocolate flakes.

Honestly, their selection list is endless and there is something for everyone when it comes to their choices. Green tea, banana bread, cheesecake? You name it they have it. 

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Now if you do not get out to PEI much there is some good news for you. The best ice-cream in Canada is also available all over the country. With locations in other provinces like Niagra on the Lake, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Banff,  Alberta, and Whistler, British Columbia there still is hope for some of us to get our hands on this! 

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I mean seriously, where else gives you a waffle cone for free? But if you are too lazy for a road-trip, you may just have to order some Baskin Robins on Uber Eats

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