How does a robot's writing fare to the likes of the great J.K. Rowling? Probably worse than you thought, tbh. In a weird and interesting take on the world of fan fiction, a group of Muggles trained robots to write a Harry Potter chapter of their own. And the results are priceless. 

Using predictive keywords for narration and dialogue, the genius Muggles from Botnik Studios were able to train predictive keyboards well enough to produce a new chapter about Mr. Potter and his magical friends. 

The result is strikingly similar to a lengthy game of "what word comes next?" where players string together a story by consecutively uttering the first random word that comes to their mind. 

Although the robots are smarter than us (and possibly even Ms. Rowling), they sure don't have her literary skills for writing a damn good story. 

But the Muggles at Botnik Studios didn't seem to mind. They're just pretty impressed by their own "magical" work. "Our web keyboard app analyzes text files and offers the most common word sequences as suggestions to the human user, to help them write in the style of the source material," Botnik CEO and co-founder Jamie Brew told CNET.

From there, a team of writers from the Botnik community strung together lines produced using the keyboard, and a full chapter was born. And yes it's terrible. 

*Spoiler alert*: this version has a major plot twist.  Ron Weasley "eat[s] Hermione's family," while wearing something called a "Ron shirt." 

You can check out the new spellbinding chapter of the little-known classic "Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash" here

Source: CNET

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