Canadians have a new rule that they want everyone in the country (and around the world) to start following: Stop associating Tim Hortons with Canada.

Stop calling it a symbol of Canadian identity. Stop the lie that all Canadians still love it. Because the truth of the matter is, it isn’t even Canadian anymore.

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It used to be Canadian-owned and operated. But when Brazilian firm 3G Capital, (which also owns Burger King) bought it out in 2014, Tim Hortons became a fully foreign brand. Since then, Canadians stopped identifying with the coffee shop, even though its name belongs to a full-fledged Canadian hockey legend.

More than this, a series of scandals involving the mistreatment of employees and the slashing of their benefits worsened the brand’s already tarnished reputation, with several people calling their recent behaviours very un-Canadian.

Want to trigger Canadians? Call Timmies Canadian

Harjit Sajjan, the Canadian Minister of National Defence, shared a photo on Twitter in which he is standing inside a Tim Hortons restaurant in Latvia.

“Few things are more Canadian than sharing a cup of Tim Hortons coffee with friends,” he writes as the caption:

Sajjan probably thought that the Tim Hortons photo was a “sure bet” for appealing to Canadian pride. But it ended up having the exact opposite effect.

Canadians were clearly offended by Sajjan’s promotion of the brand and proceeded to flood his feed with acid-tongued responses. They also accused him of unfairly “endorsing one private company over another” for political purposes.

Sorry, Tim Hortons. You’ve lost your people.

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