Sorry, Alberta: You're Going Straight To Winter While The Rest Of Canada Enjoys Fall

Snow storms begin to plague the region.

Parts of Alberta seem to have skipped fall and gone straight into winter. Currently, the southern regions of the province are being pummelled by a major snow storm that is expected to bring as much as 20 cm of snow.

Environment Canada issued a winter storm alert for southern Alberta (including Calgary) to warn commuters of heavy snowfall and strong wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h. Such conditions will reduce visibility in some areas and drivers are advised to take caution when on the roads this Monday.

Calgary has even prepared its crews for the start of winter, despite it only being the first few days of October. "The City's Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) program plan is organized months before the winter season to account for a variety of weather conditions," says the city's Roads Maintenance Manager,  Bill Biensch.

Meanwhile, the rest of Canada is enjoying the first signs of fall, with brisk temperatures and changing leaves just starting to show in these first few days of October. 

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