Don't judge a movie by its title - The Babadook may not sound like a scary movie, but it's actually one of the better horror flicks to have been made in the past five years, according to both audiences and critics. The best part? It's easy for you watch online.

Thought it was released in 2014, it is still receiving quite the buzz. GQ recently called it "the scariest movie on Netflix", and it received a seal of approval from Rotten Tomatoes, which gave it an astounding score of 98%. It even won the respect of The Exorcist director William Friedkin, who said he's "never seen a more terrifying film in [his] life."

via @backyardcinema

Lead star Essie Davis plays a young widow struggling to raise her rebellious six-year-old child after the violent death of her husband. As if things weren't difficult enough, the she becomes threatened by a murderous character named Mister Babadook, who comes to life from a pop-up book on her son's bookshelf.

While the film strays away from on-screen bloodfests and gore, it does a superb job of attacking the most primitive fears of the human mind, from the fear of the supernatural to the horror of losing a loved one. Commendable performances, startling scenes and an unpredictable series of events hooks in viewers and gets them wholly invested in the story.

But even more than the horror is a meaningful attempt to shed light on important issues like mental illness, depression and grief. Unlike most horror movies end up being forgotten, The Babadook delivers spine-chilling scares but also manages to haunt you long after the movie has finished.

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