Being in a relationship while in university can sometimes be a relationship status that gets a bad rap. A lot of people argue that in order to live your college or university life to the fullest, you've got to be single! While there definitely can be some struggles and cons to being taken during those four years, there are just as many positive things that come from having a bae!

From Fall themed dates to just always having someone in your corner, being in a relationship regardless of being in university can be a great thing, even if it doesn't end up working out the way you thought it would! So check out the best and worst things about being in a relationship while in university that any one who has been in a relationship while in uni can identify with! 

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Best: You don't have to worry about creeps at the club. 

Worst: Partying with your friends just isn't the same.

One of the best parts about being in a relationship during university is the fact that when you go out and a creep asks you to dance, you can say "I have a boyfriend," and actually mean it. Another great bonus is if he's actually down to come out and party with you, that guarantees 10x less creeps approaching you (according to real science). 

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Best: You've got a bae to go to all these cute date spots with

Worst: You sometimes miss out on some GNO's. 

You finally have a bae to take on all of the adorable fall date bucket lists you've seen across the internet since you literally came out of the womb. Whether it's pumpkin picking or taking a hike- the cute seasonal dates that come with being in a relationship make it worth it. At the same time though by going on all those dates you may miss out on the girls-only versions that your single friends go on which can suck. 

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Best: You always have someone to talk to.

Worst: Long-distance relationships can take a toll on you. 

Whether it's you venting about your annoying room mates or debating on which series on Netflix is the best, being in a relationship means you practically always have someone to talk to. Though if you are in a long distance relationship it can be hard when the only thing you can do is talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

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Best: You don't have to worry about scrambling for a bae during cuffing season. 

Worst: You miss out on all the potential flings you'd have during the colder months. 

Cuffing season?  Who cares! You've got your person and it doesn't matter what time of year it is, you've got no worries when it comes to any kind of season that calls for a relationship because you already have one! *R.I.P to all the potential cute boys you could have hooked up with during Fall/Winter though. 

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Worst: 'Freshman 15' might turn into 'Freshman 30' because you're gaining that college AND dating weight at the same time. 

Best: He doesn't care and likes you whether you're thick or thin. 

The 'Freshman 15' can be real and it can get even more real if you get into a relationship where you risk gaining the 'Relationship 15' and 'Freshman 15' at the same time! Luckily though if you picked em right, your bae doesn't care whether you are thick or thin! 

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