Just about everyone in this country can agree that the Canadian housing market really sucks right now.

Everything is too damn expensive and it can feel like it is almost impossible to find a decent place to live for the money you pay.

One Canadian realtor has come up with an ingenious solution to attract new buyers to his listings though, awkward dancing to 80’s music. 

Via Dylan Mahaney

Dylan Mahaney is a realtor in Moncton, New Brunswick who recently posted a video of himself on Facebook floss dancing in one of the houses he’s trying to sell to the tune of A-ha’s classic Take On Me.

With a face showing little to no emotion at all Mahaney is seen in different rooms of the house floss dancing while little descriptions about the house appear on screen. 

Via Dylan Mahaney

And it’s actually genius because not only do you get to watch the hilariously awkward dance for a little over 2 minutes but you also subconsciously learn about the property. 

The video has been seen over 60 thousand times on Facebook so far, that's almost the entire population of Moncton.

And people who have seen it can’t get enough of it. 

Via Dylan Mahaney

“Wow. Amazing. That’s the best home sale video I have ever seen,” wrote one commenter.

“LOVE it! Perfect timing - and now I want to see more of the house,” said another. 

You can check out the video below. Put your sound on for the full experience. 

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