What does the perfect Canadian man look like? Such inquiry was investigated by Top 10 Dating Sites Canada, an online dating guide for Canadians.

According to them, Canadian men became the epitome of male hotness around the globe thanks to "the Lumberjack look" - a style characterized by plaid, outdoorsy clothes, muscular physiques and scruffy facial hair. Over the years, the term "lumbersexual" was coined, and with the help of prevailing stereotypes, it sort of became a standard of beauty for men in Canada.

"A man can look great in many different ways," the guide says. "But if Canadians have any say in the matter, he must possess certain physical qualities in order to be seen as 'perfect.'"

Such qualities were explored in further detail, and frankly, a lot of it sounds pretty ridiculous...

via @lumbersexual

The Head

According to the guide, the ideal Canadian man has "a specific look in his eyes" that is can be best described as a "piercing stare" or a "puppy-dog gaze filled with love". It's not so much about the shape or colour of the eyes, but rather the stories behind them.

When it comes to lips, the ideal Canadian man would possess a set that are "proud and slightly pouty", while his nose could be any shape or form, since noses are (apparently) not very important to Canadians.

However, the one thing that the guide says cannot be overlooked is the hair. The "Lumberjack" look is not complete without hair on a man's body. "If you don't sport a beard, moustache, or small amount of body hair, you're not going to be deemed as equally hot as the next guy who does," reads the guide.

via @lumbersexual

The Body

According to the guide, Canadians prefer men who have a tall frame, since it suits any body shape. "You don't have to be tough and buff in order to be seen as attractive; however, you will have more success if you're fairly tall."

There has been greater focus for Canadian men to develop sculpted abs, arms and a round butt over the past couple of years as well. The guide says that the perfect marriage material male body "should be any body that's well taken care of."

It's extremely hard to take the guide seriously when it clearly plays on Canadian stereotypes, but at least it makes for a humourous read. In reality, Canada doesn't have an accepted standard of beauty - it's sheer diversity of ethnicities makes it impossible to establish just one type of ideal look.  

At the end of the day, beauty is subjective, and in Canada, all appearances are beautiful!

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