Well, the hate just keeps piling on YouTube's Rewind 2018 video. Yup, it took YouTube just 3 days to nearly the topple the record for most disliked video of all time. In what has already become an almost universally panned video, YouTube, in an effort to showcase the best videos of their platform, has managed to create one of the worst.

Since 2010, YouTube has created a yearly "rewind" video to highlight the biggest videos and trends of the year. In the past, the videos have featured celebrities like Rebecca Black, Jimmy Fallon, PewDiePie, and Dwayne Johnson.

Rewind 2018, which is already racked up 97 million views at the time of this printing,  is already the second most disliked video of all time and easily on its way to becoming the most disliked. Currently, the only video with more dislikes is Justin Bieber's "Baby." And it took the Biebs nearly eight years to hit his infamous milestone. Thanks, Canada.

Yo, Bieber, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but YouTube had one of the worst videos of all time!

Rewind 2018, which is already racked up 97 million views at the time of this printing, has seen a wealth of criticism across social media including on YouTube itself. In addition to giving the video a thumbs down, viewers have left a ton of negative comments. Here are the most brutal ones:

"This is the definition of Cringe." - Melie Animates

"I expected nothing. However, I was still dissapointed." - Jaskin Kabir

"It’s called YouTube Rewind because the quality keeps going backwards every year." - Xavier Rodrigues

"Should have thanos snapped half the youtubers nobody knew about" - Lucas Leite

"Hey look, it's the annual corporate *&^*&^ celebrating another year of the least creator-friendly site on the entire internet." - Dr Shaym

"Im impressed. They manage to make it worse every year" - Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

"After this I wanted to jump off the battle bus but not open the glider." - Chazzy

"I literally have completely no idea who 90% of the people in this are." - 42069 subs with a sexy lizard?

"What a puke fest. Very seldom do I cringe this much." - Alittle Loonery

Perhaps the most common critique of the video, which is designed to recap and celebrate the best and most significant contributions to the platform over the past year, is that the video is strangely devoid of YouTube contributors. The site's biggest and most (in)famous video creators aren't even mentioned in the video. PewDiePie, Logan Paul, and Shane Dawson, for instance, are all missing from the video.

At the same time, YouTube creators have increasingly come under fire for how they use the platform and the content they submit. For instance, in December of 2017 Logan Paul drew harsh criticism after it was alleged that he made light of suicide in a video he made in Japan's Aokigahara forest often called "Suicide Forest."

And Twitter, of course, was equally critical of the widely hated video.

If you're eager to see what all the hate's about, you can watch Rewind 2018 here.

Hilariously, there was also at least one instance of YouTube itself helping spread the hate.

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