What makes an Instagram account worth following? For most people, it should serve some useful purpose, whether it be to inform the user of upcoming trends or to fulfill his or her desires through vicarious means.

But perhaps the most meaningful use of an Instagram account is to reveal to the world your current perception of who you are. Unfortunately, the app has become an excessively social space over the years; one that is overrun by selfies, outfits-of-the-day and poorly-taken party shots. Nowadays, it seems as though greater importance is being placed on staying socially relevant than sharing and preserving things of substance.

Thankfully, there are still a handful of Instagram users that still value artistry and creative expression. The following Instagram accounts are curated by young Canadian visionaries with distinct points of view and a true passion for what they do.

They have the ability to portray the world around them in a unique distortion without stripping it of its rawness. Each of their photographs causes you to think beyond what you see; to carefully consider each image as a different chapter of the same compelling narrative.

Here are the most interesting Canadians on Instagram right now:

Alyssa Garrison


Alyssa's photos give you a glimpse into her pastel mind and injects your day-to-day life with colour and happiness.

Celia Spenard-Ko


Celia's photos, which are characterized by sharp angles and warm tones, showcase the immense beauty in everyday objects and places.

Katie Goldie 


Katie's photos tell you the story of her life as a wanderer and brings you along for the adventure.

Jamal Burger


Jamal's photos are an investigation into the ebbs and flows of Toronto's urban culture.

Jacqueline Poirier


Jacqueline's photos demonstrate not only her passion for plates, but her creative eye and unique perspective.

Jennifer Cheng


Jennifer's photos portray life through an abstract lens that highlight the beauty in things often overlooked.

Jeremy Jude Lee


Jeremy's photos captures the essence of everyday life and demonstrates his unique point of view.

Joann Pai


Joann's photos of interesting platters and locations prove that there's beauty in even the most unexpected things and places.

Andrew Knapp


Andrew's photos of his travels with his dog Momo are the representation of true love and friendship.

Ori Raynai


Ori's photos offer an intriguing narrative of the grit and rawness of life in the city.

Taylor Burk


Taylor's photos reveals the beauty of physical world while offering a glimpse into his life as a nomad.

Tom Parker


Tom's photos fulfills your wanderlust by taking you on a journey through Canada's most beautiful spots.

I try to be interesting on Instagram too. Follow me on my try-hard journey @eulbasa 

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