The most expensive night of the year is approaching. There's sparkly outfits to buy, expensive champagne to drink and, of course, the dreaded 2:00 AM taxi surcharge to worry about. 

Opening up your Uber app to find that your ride home will cost you 6x more than normal can put a serious damper on your night. And on New Year's Eve, it's virtually unavoidable if you plan on going home after midnight. 

Thankfully, Uber has opened up on what times are likely to be outrageously more expensive. Speaking to Elite Daily, the taxi service said that the highest fares on New Year's Eve will be between 12:00AM and 3:00AM. For most of us, that's exactly when the night is just beginning, but given the amount of people who will be out on NYE, the hike in price during these peak times make sense. 

And Uber has its own justification for charging a higher price when demand rises: It helps to attract drivers to offer their services when they're most needed. So really, the spike in price is getting you a ride home. 

If you're not into paying more money for your ride, but don't want to take public transport, there are other options to lower the cost of getting home. If you're heading out with friends, Uber's new multi-stop option lets you pick up your friends on the way to your destination. The total cost may be hefty, but splitting it three or four ways will help soften the blow. 

If you're rocking up to a party solo, you can always take advantage of uberPOOL, which allows you to carpool with other rides who are headed in your direction. It'll cost you less than the regular uberX and you may even be able to make a few friends along the way. Win-win. 

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