5 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends, Family And S/O To Know

Just listen.

Living with anxiety is not an easy task. As someone who has struggled with anxiety myself, I know first hand how hard this mental illness can be when it comes to friendships, relationships with family members, and even romantic relationships.

There are so many different kinds of anxiety that it's hard to speak about it so generally. There's social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, and many more that affect a lot of people that are close to you in your life, probably more than you might think.

People suffering from anxiety disorders all have one thing in common, the inability to put what we're feeling into words. This can be hard for the people closest to us, who love us and want nothing more than to understand how we're feeling, but we just can't explain it to them.

It comes from a fear of being misunderstood and judged that makes our feelings so difficult to vocalize. But in the next few pages you can begin to understand how we're feeling on the inside, how we're feeling on the outside, what happens when we make plans with you, how we feel during panic attacks, and what we're going through in public places.

If you live with anxiety or someone close to you does, I hope this article can give you some reassurance that you're not alone and give you a deeper understanding into the mind of someone living with an anxiety disorder.

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