It's no secret that Toronto's Christmas market is the best Christmas market in the area. But now we can boast that we have the best in North America.

In an article published in The Boston Globe on December 15, our annual holiday event was called “the best Christmas market in North America.”

Yup, that's right. The best.

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Describing the Distillery District as “decidedly European, albeit in a Dickensian way,” writer Christopher Muther said the Toronto Christmas Market is "the perfect Christmas market" because it has everything you need in one place: it fulfills all of your holiday shopping requirements, it's vendors carry unique offerings and it looks like an old world Bavarian village. Let's not forget it oozes Christmas cheer in every nook and cranny. 

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“I knew the Toronto Christmas Market was a big deal, but I wasn’t expecting that I’d be walking into the finest Christmas market in North America,” he wrote.“But it’s one of the best markets because of its spirit. It’s not necessarily about the shopping here, it’s about the bustle, the beautiful lights, the caroling, and unbridled seasonal cheer that it all somehow imparts.”

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Of course, Toronto already knows this. But it's nice the rest of North America now knows it too. The Christmas Market - located in the city's historic Distillery District - features rows of vendors selling holiday treats and handmade crafts, entertainment, heated beer gardens, lots of Christmas lights and a 50-foot Christmas tree.

It runs until December 23rd (that's this Saturday!), so hurry up and see North America's Best Christmas Market for yourself. Maybe next year we'll even conquer the world.

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