If you ever wanted to know what it was like to float amongst the clouds, turns out you don't have to go very far to do it.

Spray Lakes Reservoir is a lake in Alberta, and in the winter, it turns into an ice rink straight out of a fairytale. The lake is surrounded by the incredible Canadian Rockies and offers an expansive skate - over 19 square kilometres, to be exact - in any direction. The best part? On a clear day, the rink reflects the skies and makes it look like you're skating on clouds.

Don't believe us? On December 20th, one woman visited the Spray Lakes - which lies between the picturesque Goat Range and the breath-taking Three Sisters ridge - and took a video of her skating on the magnificent mirror-like rink.

Yup, that's definitely winter magic at its finest.

With over 120 posts under the hashtag #spraylakesresevoir, and even more under Instagram's geotag for the area, the rink isn't exactly a secret spot. But that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

Hundreds of people have taken to Instagram to share their experiences at Spray Lakes, and let's just say I'm ready to pack my bags and head over to the Rockies right now. You too? The reservoir is located just south of Canmore in Alberta. It's a quick two-hour drive from Calgary, or, if you're feeling adventurous, an 11-hour road trip from Vancouver. You don't want to know how far it is from Toronto.

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