The US Supreme Court is currently hearing a case about a bakery shop owner’s refusal to create a wedding cake for a gay couple. Meanwhile, in Canada, when you ask for a gay cake, you can be damn well sure you're going to get a gay cake.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of his engagement to fiance Jared Lenover, Chris Farias, from Ontario, wanted to make a statement. He called up Cake and Loaf Bakery in Hamilton and asked for the gayest cake they could make.

Boy, did they deliver.

via @chrispaulfarias

The colourful cake had rainbow stripes, multicoloured flowers and a shiny, golden unicorn horn. An array of words, including "LGTBQ", "proud", "inclusive" and "strong" were written in icing, as well as "love is love", the phrase “Hamilton” composer Lin-Manuel Miranda coined in his 2016 Tony Awards speech, which honoured the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.

Chris shared photos of the cake on Facebook and Instagram, along with the caption: "Being part of the LGBTQ+ community isn't easy for many. And that's an huge understatement. But I am proud of who I am, and how far WE have come. I am proud to be a gay Canadian who can order a cake and not get turned down because of who I love. I love this country, and I love my community."

via @chrispaulfarias

via @chrispaulfarias

The official Facebook page for the bakery even shared Farias's post, adding: "To our customers, employees and our community — the positivity that has been shared since creating this cake has made our hearts truly warm, and very proud to be Canadian," the caption read. "As a business we will continue to strive to have an inclusive, positive and safe environment for our customers AND employees — We will say it loud and proud, as often as we can . . . and hopefully, always with cake."

Of course, the story is about much more than cake. In America, the Supreme Court is currently deciding whether a bakery has the right to refuse same-sex couples based on religious beliefs. So in response to the outpouring of love Farias' post has received, he's selling shirts to support the LGBTQ community, where 100% of the proceeds will go to LGBTQ+ positive charities in Hamilton.

Stay proud, Canada.

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