This Canadian ice cream shop serves up the most outrageous ice cream cones that we've ever seen! This has got to be the best of the best when it comes to #InstagramWorthy treats. We're not lying when we say that these cones are soooo gorgeous that you will definitely want to travel to track down these delicious desserts. 

Dutch Dreams is a veteraned ice cream shop located in Toronto, Canada. Theo and Dina Aben have been serving up crazy delicious ice cream cones for over 25 years! Their secret recipe has been passed down through generations and we're guessing that's why their ice cream has become so famous! 

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The ice creamery is decorated in Dutch fashion. Their eclectic decor expresses the culture of the owners. Walking into the ice cream shop, it feels like you're walking into a kid's fantasyland. It definitely gives me Serendipity 3 vibes. Their unique decor combined with their outrageous cones has made Dutch Dreams a bucket list for many tourists!

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They carry over 32 unique ice cream flavours. They dip their cones in chocolate chips, M&Ms, rock candies and whatever else you could imagine! They even top their cones with cotton candy! The crazier the cone can be, the better. Oh, and don't worry, these ice cream cones are actually decently priced. You're not going to be paying some absurd amount for these trendy desserts.

Dutch Dreams is located at 36 Vaughan Rd in Toronto, Ontario. The shop is located in between the St. Clair West Village and Casa Loma neighbourhoods. They are open every day (except Thursdays) from 12 PM to 11 PM. We love that they're open late for those of us who always crave a late night dessert.

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Although this ice creamery is known for their crazy cones, they also serve some other seriously special desserts. You can get Dutch Waffles, Hot Fudge Sundaes, Milkshakes or their Super Royal Dutch Baked Alaska - and that's only naming a few! These speciality desserts are no joke either, they are completely decked out just like their ice cream cones! 

The next time you're in Toronto, you definitely need to grab one of those cones for yourself! 

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