Call of Duty fans know that one of the most iconic maps ever created is Nuketown. As one of the smallest maps in the series, it offers an extremely close-quarters combat experience that players typically enjoy because it increases their chances of getting high kill streaks.

The map is based on a typical American suburb from the 1950's and is presented in the game as a testing ground for nuclear weapons. Cookie-cutter houses, picket fences, mannequins and even a school bus are set up throughout the area to give it a true "set" feel.

In Canada, Call of Duty fans have a chance to experience Nuketown in real life. Voodoo Paintball, a facility located just 12 minutes from Trois-Rivières in Quebec, has gloriously recreated the map in one of its paintball lots.

Voodoo Paintball has the largest paintball field in Center-Du-Quebec and is internationally known for its intricately detailed replicas of the historic Normandy Landings. Nuketown is only one of several impressive sets - the facility also has replicas of the Normandy Landing site, Reichstag from the Battle of Berlin and Bastogne from the Battle of the Ardennes.

Other cool replicas include mini cities, favelas and bridge sites. 

Voodoo Paintball offers multiple affordable packages. The rates available are as follows:

  • Basic Package: $14.99 half day, $34.99 full day (comes with marker and mask)
  • Basic Package Plus: $64.99 half day, $84.99 full day (comes with marker, mask and 500 balls)
  • Package 2: $19.99 half day, $39.99 full day (comes with marker, mask and clothes)
  • Package 2 Plus: $69.99 half day, $89.99 full day (comes with marker, mask, coat and 500 balls)

Check out these incredible photos of Voodoo Paintball's realistic Nuketown set:

Visit Voodoo Paintball at: 731 4 Rang, Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, QC 

Check out this awesome gameplay video as well:

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