Do you ever wonder what it's really like to be an Instagram influencer? To be the girl that you scroll past on your Instagram feed who has the flawless pictures of herself with the best outfits? The girl who's constantly traveling to every corner of the Earth to get the best Instagram picture?

We were curious, so we interviewed one of Toronto's most well-known Instagram influencers. 

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Tee Go is one of the most established bloggers in Canada. The social media queen has quickly taken Toronto by storm and she's not slowing down anytime soon.

Tee is an Instagram influencer living near Toronto, Ontario. She has the best style and she's completely gorgeous. Tee lived in the Philippines before moving to Canada. Before joining the Instagram game, she was a talented dancer and choreographer for over two decades! Two years ago, she sold her dance studio and now she's a social media savant.

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Tee is one of those girls that you scroll past on your Instagram feed and you can't imagine what her real life must be like. She's constantly traveling around the world, wearing the nicest clothes and she has the best photos.

What kind of life does she really live? We asked Tee all of the questions that we're dying to know about the real life of a social media influencer.

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1. How did you become a social media influencer?

I didn’t really intend on becoming an “influencer”. I simply wanted to have a place to showcase my love for certain things. I started falling in love with photography and creating pretty food/coffee shots (later on it became more about my travels). And I love fashion so Instagram was the perfect outlet to showcase my creativity and sense of style. It’s something I’m really passionate about and when I love something, I put my 200% effort into it. I was lucky to build a following and from there, brands started to notice me and my work.

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2. Describe a typical day in the life of "Tee".

To be honest it’s not all that glamorous, haha. I get up, walk my dogs, work out, eat breakfast, answer emails and go back and forth with my team on negotiating contracts or organizing upcoming campaigns. I invest a portion of my day into my Youtube or blog, either shooting/editing photos/videos or writing. My nightly routine is cooking dinner for me and my hubby, chores around the home, more work, Netflix and puppy time. As a blogger, there are a ton of events I am invited to, but since all of them are a bit far for me and situated in downtown Toronto, I only go to those that really make sense to me and my brand. That might happen about once a week.

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3. Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I do scroll through Instagram and follow a ton of other style bloggers. So in some way, I am inspired by what I see there. However, I do like to think that my style and the way I put things together comes from the clothes. My style tends to be more casual street style and for the most part, I put comfort first. But I also love playing around with different looks, so sometimes I will spend a good hour just playing dress up and styling outfits in front of the mirror.

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4. What are some of your favourite spots in Toronto? 

My favourite restaurant chain is Joeys. I love the service/atmosphere and the food is always consistent. I can eat the slaw from Lee’s restaurant every day. I love Saving Grace for breakfast/brunch. There are a ton of amazing coffee houses, but if you want a perfect photo for Instagram, the “hi” floor at Safehouse will get you tons of likes. And the owner is super friendly too.

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5. What are some style must-haves this season?

I just bought a pair of grandfather sneakers – trendy but comfortable. Straw totes or crossbody bags are a great accessory for the Summer. And cat eye sunglasses – so retro, so cool.

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6. What is it truly like to be an "Influencer"? How would you compare it to a "typical job" or any previous jobs that you've had?

The number one thing that is great about my job is flexibility. A typical job as we know is five days a week, eight hours a day and in a confined space. As a blogger, I’m not bound by the clock, I make my own schedule and for the most part, I can work from anywhere and travel at any time. That freedom gives me a better balance between my work life and my personal life.

It may sound like a dream, but like any job, it comes with a lot of stress and expectation, not just from brands, but also from my audience. I love working with brands and being able to use my creativity to produce inspiring and beautiful imagery for their campaigns. But your audience is also your boss. At the end of the day, you answer to them. Being a blogger with integrity in this crazy social media world, I’ve come to realize that there are some things that you really have no control over. You ride the wave of unpredictability, and it’s an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows. You need the right attitude and tough skin if you’re going to work in this field."

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7. We all want to know, how do Instagrammers take all of those awesome shots of themselves? Who takes your photos?

If I am not the subject of the photo, then I most likely took the photo. But I am lucky enough to have an amazing and supportive husband who knows his way around a camera. He is a bit of a techy, not only does he teach me, but he is self-taught and is my main partner in crime.  I also have blogger friends and whenever we meet up or travel together, we take photos for each other.

You can find Tee on her Instagram, YouTube and her blog.

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