After being a hit in Glasgow,

The Canadian coffee chain took up its own corner in Plaza Santo Domingo, a popular square in Madrid. The building is three-stories tall and spans a 300-metre area complete with spacious tables, cozy chairs and window seating.

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Excited Spaniards lined up down the street, waiting to get their hands on some iconic Timmies treats. Some people even stood in line for 17 hours in the chilly weather before the store opened…

But the wait was worth it, especially for the first 100 customers who received a free breakfast and a chance to win a trip to Canada. Despite the cold outdoors, the most popular beverage ordered was the Iced Capp, while the Timbits were the most popular baked good. The store also had offering beyond the Canadian menu, including freshly-pressed orange juice, tostada with tomato and ham gran, and even dulce de-leche donuts.

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The Spain location is now one of 4,600 Tim Hortons stores worldwide, alongside those in Canada, the U.S., Middle East, Philippines, Great Britain, Mexico.

Here’s what Spaniards had to say about Canada’s beloved coffee brand:

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