Tim Hortons is a quintessential Canadian icon, but people across the country have been so overexposed to it over the years that it's become a sort of run-of-the-mill coffee shop to many of them. In fact, just this year, a report by Maclean's revealed that Tim Hortons was no longer Canada's favourite coffee shop. Apparently, the country has moved onto McCafé... Ouch.

But just because Canadians are over it, doesn't mean the rest of the world is too. Tim Hortons has been expanding in the UK over the past year, and its been a huge hit so far, especially with the Scots.

via @ralfslapinskis

So far, three coffee shops have opened in the Glasgow area, and people are absolutely obsessed with it. The most recent location just opened today. It might even be the biggest thing to hit Glasgow in a while:

"It's a fantastic city and shares similar values with Tim Hortons -  a strong sense of community and friendly culture," said Kevin Hydes, the Chief Finance and Commercial Officer for the company.

During the opening day of the first shop in Glasgow, eager customers lined up down the street waiting to get their hands on a famous Canadian double-double. As they stood, they were greeted by people in traditional Mountie gear and staff members handing out free Timbits. If that isn't Canadian enough, I don't know what is.

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It should mean a lot to Canadians that Tim Hortons was so well-received in Glasgow, considering the city has a well-established and thriving artisanal coffee scene. So far, the Scots seem to enjoy our coffee. But, as one of the world's top tea drinkers, we have yet to find out what they think about our tea.

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